Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend was a fabulousss wedding at San Jose's Boulder Ridge. I wore my favorite Zara dress, which brought me a lot of attention, Nacho was jealous. Just kidding, but I did get compliments from a number of people in their 60's and up. I started to reconsider my confidence and wonder if my look was fit for a G-ma. The nicknames started flowing where I quickly became Jackie-O, a walking Monet, Kim Kardashian- no I just made that up, but my ass looks like hers in the pic below. 

{It's the Dress, not the Ass}

{View of the ceremony}

{My two gays}
 {actually Eddie (right) is not gay, but wouldn't they be cute?}

 {60's inspired}

{Dirty Shirley... I can drink these way too fast}

{My favorite pic of the night... take a few seconds to analyze}

Not only were the celebrations fabulous, but the people celebrating were hilarious! Since I was downing Dirty Shirley's 2 by 2 (at one time, 3), it was obvious how often I would have to make a trip to the bathroom. And every time I went, Nick would get an earful of stories once I got back to our table. 

Return from Bathroom Trip #1: "Babe, they have everything in there... mints, hairspray, bobbie pins, combs and deodorant... Aren't you glad since I forgot to put some on?"

Return from Trip #3: "Um, a lady in the bathroom said my dress looks like one of those paintings where paint is just thrown onto the canvas. I'm deciding whether that's a compliment."

Return from Trip #4: I find Eddie, Chanel and Nico mixing their own drinks behind the bar. Forget the mixing, just straight liquor.

Return from Trip #7: 'Oh my god, Nick, I was waiting in line for the bathroom and witnessed an intoxicated older woman telling all the girls in the bathroom that she's been married 50 years and that she 'can still get that dick up like nobody's business.'  

I mentally saluted her. 

***Congrats Greg and Danielle***

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