Monday, September 26, 2011

D's 2012 Wish List for Real Housewives of NJ Season 4 {Pt. 1}

If you don't already watch this ridiculous and brainless show, I suggest you tune in. For those of you who do, you know what a good ol' fashioned Italian table flip refers to...

And this isn't even the best of it! Talk of prostitution, bankruptcy, boob jobs and any other topic you want to hear about, RHONJ has the crude and exaggerated version of it. So since we all know Teresa is the ultimate train wreck this season, next season WILL be better according to my 2012 wish list.

Santa please bring me...

1) Danielle Staub's return to RHONJ even more botoxed and anorexic. And, once again, talking to the camera about her phone sex with men she has met on

2) Teresa's husband, Joe, to be arrested for a third time but for something more along the lines of coke and hookers, rather than DUI's and fraud for stealing his brother's identity info. I think cheating on wife and dirty, cheap prostitutes in a motel 7. (This might be when RHONJ gets shut down)

3) My love for Melissa Gorga to be redeemed after she decides to end her singing career when realizing her single, On Display, is for someone with more fame than herself.

4) For Melissa and Joe Gorga to get their own spin-off, Beauty and the Juice-head, where Joe gets more airtime so I can further fantasize about dating a Jersey gorilla.

5) An eye lift for Kathy Wahile... enough said.

And the list goes on... Please add more!!!

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