Thursday, September 8, 2011

When you're dreaming of work wear and you have no job...

Nacho gave me the thumbs down on wearing bold-colored pants to work, although I laugh whenever he attempts to critique my style. Ask him about our everlasting debates on my baggy jeans. According to him, I look as if I took a dump in my pants... says my man-friend who wore a tie-dyed, 3/4 sleeve, women's nurse scrub as a serious shirt. I do wear the 'dump' jeans quite frequently... for the sake of fashion but mostly for the sake of his despise. Politics of the boyfriend jean. Say we add fur to this collection, and Nacho has started running the opposite direction. A Man Repelling-inspired post.

Vest and green trousers

Trina Turk Vest, Zara boatneck sweater and trousers, Christian Louboutin Shoes, Vivienne Westwood Ebury Crocodile Large Wallet, Kenneth Jay chain bracelet, French Connection earrings

Forget the fact that I am styling up for my imaginary job since I dont really have anything to dress up for these days (see previous post) and picture me actually being taken seriously and wearing this outfit. Think 'bitch boss on the premises with her road-kill inspired vest and trousers from the 1970's.' Absolutely something I would wear. If somebody could just give me the job where I can be a bitch boss.

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