Monday, May 2, 2011

When It Rains On Your Parade


I just spent my semana santa in Valencia, Spain. :) I am in love with every city in Spain. Argentina (Daniela) and I planned a five day adventure of what we thought would include nothing but relaxation on mediterranean beaches with sun, a book and a cheap bottle of rioja. Yet, the weather gods were not in our favor as it rained from the day we arrived until the morning prior to our departure home. I was, truthfully, dissappointed, especially since I am pastey white right now. I'm not doing justice to my Nicaraguan heritage and I'm blaming the 40 hour work week. Forbidden of the sun, we decided to suck it up. Our weekend included walks in the most amazing park I have lit-rally (British accent, tribute #RoyalWedding) ever seen. Jumping in puddles while the sky poured buckets on us (Daniela didnt find it so funny since I was wearing rainboots and she was not), a pubcrawl around the town bars where we met some interesting characters from Germany, Canada, France, Texas and our very own, Porto. 


Our vacation was one of the less expensive trips I have been on. I dedicate this to my dear Argentinian as she consciously spends her money, while I spend it which ever direction the wind blows. 

If you're interested in a budget-conscious trip to Valencia:

1) Go to Indigo Hostel- cheap, cozy, clean and 13 euros a night

2) Free walking tours typically given by university students

3) 15 euro Pub Crawl- really fun way to meet young travelers

4) Rent bikes for a day- there are bikes lined along the streets waiting for a friend to rent them, 8 euros per day

5) Tapaaaasss!




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