Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Vine: Millenial Edition

Known as the rich and boastful drink, the reputation behind 'wine' is hard to break down. The stereotype of the 'older wine snob' narrowly includes individuals in their 40's+.  A few of my favorite winemakers bridging the gap between wine and millenials.

1) Treasure Island Wines. San Francisco, California
Urban Winery offering affordable luxury.  $5 tastings.

2) Armida Winery. Healdsburg, California
Their 'Poizin' line gives a young, affordable twist to Zinfandel. Offering $12-$25 bottles

3) Lorenza. Napa Valley, California
Fusing fashion, art, food and wine. This winery was founded by 22 year old Michele Lorenza Ouellet. (I praise her)
$20 bottles

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