Monday, April 11, 2011

Primavera em Porto

Hey guys! Sorry for my absence the past few weeks. I know all my fans (my one fan... Russ Wakeham, you out there?) have been anxiously awaiting my next post.

The weather in Porto has been FABULOUS lately.  It makes me want to be anywhere, but inside. Damn the 40 hour work week. My past few weekends have been spent in this beautiful port city, a good portion of that due to my bank account bottoming near the double digits. Regardless, I spent ultimo fim de semana walking around the city, going to the beach and paintballing for the first time. It's hard to understand the rules of paintball when they are told to you in Portuguese, which makes me think I cheated the whole time. 

Paintball at an abandoned mental asylum, kind of creepy.


Argentina, Colombia and California at the park


A couple weeks ago, I got to pick up this cute face at the OPO airport.

I managed to get a week off of work and the two of us took advantage of every cheap flight Ryanair offered that week. Granada, again. Milan, Florence and Bologna. It was nice to have a little bit of home here with me in Porto. I will share more about our trips once I get the pictures!  



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