Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Blame Ryanair Pt. 1

So I told you guys I would write about my travels thus far. Since arriving to Porto, I have only had the pleasure of enjoy my own town's nightlife near a handful of times. This is due to my obsessive compulsive addiction to buying flights via Ryanair. What I wanna know the hell is anyone supposed to pass up a 4€ flight to Madrid? And WHY 4€?

  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND Ryanair's business model, but I don't have to in order to fly on it :)


That said, my first destination was Madrid. I went to visit my lovely friend, Lauren Brasier, who happened to be hosting none other than Luis 'Quinto' Allende that very same weekend. Not only were these two a good cure for the homesickness I felt during my first weeks, but they made me completely forget I ever left home. If you could put the three 'classiest' people from Los Gatos in Madrid for the weekend, you would get two borderline blacked out nights, an overindulgent amount of platonic spooning, the unfinished, yet completely choreographed Madrid version of 'Barbara Streisand' and a newly developed radar for detecting compañeras/os... Thanks to Lauren and Quinto, I know where and how to find a hooker within minutes...

 In between the drinking til 6 am, eating at every restaurant in Madrid and sleeping until 1pm, we managed to partake in some normal human activities.


Here is my only proof...


haha. Sorry for the short post. More to come!

Goodnight all. Beijinhos do Porto.


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